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Way of discipleship

A comprehensive resource for being and making disciples. Questions of all kinds to browse, discipleship tools to use, and four courses which form confident discipleship in every day life.
The flexible materials are designed to help those who want to dig in to the big questions, and to stretch those who have been disciples for a while but want to grow more in their lived experience.

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Our three resources

A resource from Church of England Birmingham with three parts: a four module course you can run using the resources on this site, a list of over 250 key questions about discipleship you can browse through, over 50 tools on various topics you can use in your own discipleship, in groups or one-to-one with other people.

The Course

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Discipleship questions

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Discipleship tools

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What people are saying

“The Way of Discipleship is an innovative and thoroughly practical tool for forming and equipping all God’s people in our everyday faith. The question-and-answer format enables you to draw deeply from Christian teaching and prayer for Jesus shaped lives in a modern world.”

Dr Nick Shepherd, Church of England Vision and Strategy Team

"I will be really looking forward to this next part of the course. It is a real highlight to my week….I’m so glad to be included in the course…It really is an amazing course, and I’ve raved about it."


"Thankyou for doing this course, you have inspired me, and helped me with my confidence and how to be strong for Jesus....The course has been really interesting and has made me realise how much we need God in our lives!"


"A fantastic course. I've learnt so much from it. The sessions are informative and the resources are really useful too….I find this course particularly helpful as it's practical. Great structure, clear presentation and much to ponder on with tools to improve."


"Excellent resources to read to build up knowledge which has enabled me to develop confidence and I have been able to witness in my workplace....Having completed all the modules, it has inspired me to talk to people about Christ when opportunities have arisen. Sharpened my spirit."


“Way of Discipleship offers more than a course, it’s a pathway to being formed as a disciple of Christ, to knowing him better, becoming more confident in faith, and learning to follow in his footsteps in our everyday lives.”

Rt Revd Anne Hollinghurst, Bishop of Aston