Run Course

Session Structure

Below is the outline of a session to help you run the course. You can access a more detailed, step-by-step version in the facilitator’s notes for each session.

Each session can last up to about 2 hours 15 minutes, though the material is fairly easy to adapt, and you may want to divide or shorten sessions. 



Pray in whatever way is appropriate for your context and commit the time to God (there are suggestions on the facilitator’s notes). 5 minutes.



Give people time in pairs to feedback to each other how any response from last time has gone. (N.B. not in session 1 of each module) 5 minutes.



Teach the content. You may like to cover only some of the questions, or as an alternative use one of the tools.  There is training and support available for facilitators and six suggestions of adapting content to your situation here.  There is a Powerpoint and script for each session. 30 to 40 minutes.  (There is a sample presentation video of Session 1 here.)



Watch the video of people sharing their lived experience, and share your own, or with each other. 10 minutes.



Ask people to reflect in twos or threes on what they have been struck by. One or two questions are suggested as a focus. 10-15 minutes.


Discovery Bible Study

A simple handout of how to do a DBS is here.

Read the passage twice. Ask someone to retell what you have just read (without looking!)

  • Discuss these five questions:
  • What does this tell me about God?
  • What does this tell me about humanity?
  • What does this tell me about how we are called to obey as disciples?
  • How do I get to respond to this?
  • Who might I get to share something from this session with this week?

20 minutes.



In pairs ask people to reflect on the questions, “What is God saying to me?” and, “How might I respond?”

Having done this, they can support each other by asking, “What question would it be helpful for me to ask you the next time we meet?” and writing down each other’s questions. There is no requirement to feed this back to the group, and people should not feel bad if there is no particular response. As facilitator just assure them that this is an opportunity, not a test. 5 minutes.


Signpost and prayer

Point out any resources from the Library that might be useful and close in prayer (there are suggestions for this on the facilitators’ notes). 5 minutes.



See facilitator’s notes