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Introducing Way of Discipleship

Way of Discipleship offers a foundational journey for new disciples or those being drawn to the possibility. It aims to stretch those who have been disciples for a while, but want to grow more in their lived experience.

It is ideal for those who have done a previous enquirers’ course, but want to go deeper, to be equipped and changed as disciples in their daily lives.

While there is a lot of content available, the emphasis is about growing in lived experience.

In addition to being a course which forms us, the questions and tools are designed to be an ongoing phone-friendly, accessible resource for individual discipleship, mentoring or faith-sharing.

Way of Discipleship was developed from a detailed survey of over 100 people and a review of the content of over thirty discipleship courses and resources. You can see that review here.

Accessible for all

The Way of Discipleship has a lot of content but is designed to be fairly easy to adapt. Within the course, the content element is provided in a question and answer format, making it easier to only cover some of it, or split it up into further sessions.

In addition to a Powerpoint and script for each session, there is a 5-6 minute video, and separate tools can often be used as an alternative.

As well as the core content for each session, it signposts to a range of suggested extra resources – reading, videos, podcasts, books.

One website – three resources

Way of Discipleship is a resource from Church of England
Birmingham in three different ways:
The Course

Run the course using the resources on this site.

Discipleship Questions

A resource of over 250 questions for individual use, mentoring or faith sharing.

Discipleship Tools

Over 50 tools which  have been designed to be easy to pick up and use in lots of different ways.