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Course overview

Course Structure

The course is divided into four modules, which can be run as separate courses:

Being with God

7 sessions

Becoming like Christ

6 sessions

Joining in with the Spirit

5 sessions

Knowing the Bible Story

6 sessions

These can be done separately as one-off modules, or run one after the other to complete the whole course.  It is best to run them in order – the first module, Being with God, lays foundations for the rest.

The course does not just give information, but has been shaped to help people to grow in their lived experience. It aims to grow deeper understanding, but more importantly to grow character and change lives by emphasising the practices which help us live as disciples every day.

What is in each session?


which shapes our thinking and teaches us about the practices which help grow discipleship.  (This can be accessed via the “Discipleship Questions” on this site, or in a downloadable content booklet.  There is also a library of extra resources as follow up to each session for those who want to go deeper).

‘Way of Discipleship’ covers a lot of ground as it aims to build confident disciples through strong teaching.  However, it is also very adaptable. For example, it has been made easy to split each session up into two or more parts.  Guidance notes are given in each session in order to do this.  This poster gives an outline of session titles which can be used if a longer version is preferred.  In addition, there is training and support available for facilitators (email for details), and here are six suggestions for adapting or simplifying the content.


through a 5 to 6 minute video of people sharing their lived experience.

An opportunity to respond

and put into practice what God has been showing us.

An opportunity to feedback

to someone we trust about how we are growing.

What’s the thinking behind it?

The Way of Discipleship is based around the idea that, in order to change, information transfer is not enough.  We are not transformed simply by knowing things.

Instead, there are four elements to each session.

Being taught

We do need to know some content – there is in depth but hopefully accessible teaching and we often do a simple Discovery Bible Study.

Seeing that teaching demonstrated

Discipleship is caught, more than taught.  Jesus modelled His way to His friends.  The videos, and what we share together, help us to see what we can imitate in the lives of other people.

Responding in our own lives

We learn and change as we do things.  Jesus sent His disciples out to do what He was teaching and modelling.  Each session ends with the opportunity to put things into practice.

Reporting back

Each session begins with an opportunity to review where we are growing.  Journeying with others and sharing how we are doing can keep us honest and encourage us.

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