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Way of Discipleship is a foundational discipleship journey for anyone in any area of life – you don’t need to be on any particular learning pathway or looking to pursue a calling to any form of authorised or licensed ministry to use it.

Can I join a Way of Discipleship module?

As well as being a resource for you to draw from wherever you are, the four courses are run regularly throughout the year on Zoom. Before using the resource it is a good idea to experience it. You can do as many of them as you like.  Go to this page to find out when the next one is running.

How can I use it well in my context?

Church of England Birmingham longs to see every Christian equipped and envisioned for whatever calling God has for them, but knows that our discipleship is the foundation for everything.  ‘Way of Discipleship’ offers you a way to know you are being nurtured in your faith, and a resource you can use to develop others.

If you would like to explore more, or have support/training in running one or more of the courses, you can join a monthly online session called “Making the most of Way of Discipleship”.

The sessions are one hour, but with the possibility of ongoing mentoring/training according to your needs.

They are on Tuesdays at 3pm or 7pm (occasionally 6pm).  The link for the 3pm session is and for 6/7pm:

The next sessions are on:

Dates for sessions in 2022 are Tuesdays: 25th October, 22nd November or 13th December (3 and 6pm).

If you can’t make those feel free to contact who will be delighted to support in any way he can.

What if I am exploring becoming a Reader, or another licensed/authorised ministry, or ordination?

Participating in Way of Discipleship (and Way of Servant Leadership) is a good way of deepening discipleship for all Christians, and a foundational option for those wanting to engage in the learning required for authorised ministry – including Reader and Lay Pastoral Teams, as well as those exploring ordained Ministry. One of the benefits of Way of Discipleship is that it runs throughout the year, and you can join in at various points. You can also do it over 1, 2 or 3 years if necessary.

Using the course across C of E Birmingham

There are three ways Way of Discipleship can be
used across CofE Birmingham:

Use any time

You can use any of the four courses at any time, in any way, in your own context. They can be adapted for small groups, Lent courses, Sunday series, one-to-one mentoring, or delivered as a particular course.

Before you run a module, or the course, it is best if you have experienced at least one of the modules yourself.  Please join one of the diocesan modules as a way of being prepared well.

If you would like training, and/or a discussion about how to use the materials in your context, and/or mentoring as you run a course, please contact

Annual Course

During the year the Way of Discipleship courses are always being run on Zoom for anyone to join in. This will be advertised and open to anyone to join all, or part of the course.  Please contact or visit this page for more information.

On the move

The “Discipleship Questions” resource offers an easily accessible and flexible way of sharing faith and growing disciples wherever you are – as long as you have a phone with you!

Why register?

This will enable us to ensure that those who have completed modules are recognised. We plan to hold an annual Discipleship Commissioning service for anyone who has done one of the four modules, in which they will be given a certificate and prayed for.

We can also evidence who has completed the modules if they later wish to explore licensed or authorised ministries. It is important to us that we support you in using the courses well and learn from your experience.

It is important to us that if there are people we know about from outside your context who want to do the Way of Discipleship, we can link you up.

To advertise your course you can use these posters and Instagram images:

Being with God (Poster/Instagram)

Becoming like Christ (Poster/Instagram)

Joining in with the Spirit (Poster/Instagram)

Bible Confidence (Poster/Instagram)

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